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To process your orders we will require a model/impression of the relevant areas. Ensure that this is well packaged, including placing foam between and around the impression, so that it is not damaged during transit.

Should you need to send more than one impression at a time, ensure that each one is placed in a separate bag when using a single box.

Feel free to contact us and follow up on your case:

Phone : +421 2 321 994 96

Email : order@creativearts-dental.com

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Recommended Tools

Toosl that will give your patients outstanding results:

  • Full-arch Impressions
  • Bite Registration
  • Preoperative Casts
  • Facebows
  • A fully completed order form with detailed instructions

We strongly recommend the use of each of these tools, and we do emphasize on facebow registration! It proved to be the first step in a well-planned case.